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We help people with...

  • Social Security Maximization
  • Maximizing Retirement Income all Sources
  • Social-Security-Like Income Annuity Plans
  • Replacing lost Social Security Survivor Income
  • Tax-Free Rollovers of 401k's 403b's & IRA's
  • Insurance, Life, Long-Term Care, Final Expense
  • Estate Planning, ILIT's, Wills, Trusts, POA's
  • Survivor's Guides, Quality of Life Directive's
  • Beneficiary Liquidity Plan's for Survivor's
  • Asset Protection from Probate and Creditors
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Are You a Small Business Owner?

When it comes to Retirement

Small Business Owners face a unique set of issues and problems on both, a business and personal level.

Issues such as:

  • Putting the Majority of your Resources into your business, and not diversified your wealth.
  • Neglecting business insurance, resulting in your business not being properly protected.
  • Not paying yourself first, not having a portion of your salary earmarked for savings and future retirement
  • No planning for corporate tax obligations or retirement tax liabilities.
  • Not creating a budget to manage cash flow, finances, and spending accurately.
  • Not having an adequate emergency fund in place to keep the business afloat in hard times.
  • Carrying too much debt on credit cards, spending what you don't have.

To Help You Know where you stand we created an assessment that can help you in making decisions about your retirement future. Take 5 minutes and receive a 4-Page Complimentary Small Business Owners Report Personalized Just for You! There is No Cost or Obligation.

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